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“We believe that personal growth is as necessary as business growth. This is achieved by enriching the team through the diversity of backgrounds and origins.”

Dr Alexis Kalogeropoulos

Founder & CEO

Marisa Khasuwan

Co-Founder & CPO

Philippe Schiltz

Structural Engineer Consultant

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Suthiwan Meylan

Digital Marketing & Communication

Dr Christophe Loraux

Structural Engineer Consultant

Sweden office

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Sweden office

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T. +46 73 747 38 04

The maintenance process can be applied to every type of structure, the question is depending on where to start. In close dialogue with the owner of the properties, House Doctors helps to plan the next renovation project, to focus on repairs only where they are needed, and make sure there will not be any bad surprises in order to keep the budget under control.

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Dr. Alexis Kalogeropoulos is a Founder and CEO at Bridgology. His vision is to keep bridges in the best conditions at the lowest cost possible by implementing so-called Predictive Maintenance. He’s a specialist in Ground Penetrating Radar applied to civil engineering.

In 2005, the first GPR applications were developed for an inspection of tunnels, utility detection and thickness calculations by Karakas & Français SA, however, further development became necessary. As a result, a collaboration of more than 7 years was established with Dr. Johannes Hugenschmidt HSR, which led to the publication of an article on the inspection of retaining walls with GPR; then in obtaining a research grant FNS for a doctorate on the determination of chloride and moisture content in concrete with GPR.

He obtained the Ph.D in 2012, it was held under the joint supervision of Dr. Johannes Hugenschmidt, then at EMPA. of Prof. Eugen Brühwiler EPFL, and of Prof. Jan Van der Kruk ETHZ then FZJ.

Besides Bridgology, he contributes his time to the scientific community as a reviewer for scientific journals like NDT&E International and Near Surface Geophysics. Frequently, he teaches at EPFL in introducing Masters to GPR, and providing digital signal processing teachings to Doctoral school.


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Christophe Loraux has joined Bridgology since 2020 as a GPR data analyst and quickly become involved in the development of Bridgology’s in-house analysis software.

With his solid background in civil engineering, he integrated his vision and improved communication with Bridgology’s clients. A few months after he started working, he became skillful at unveiling the most complex and hidden features of existing concrete structures!

During his Bachelor and Master years at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Christophe fell in love with the vast field of existing structures. It’s almost natural that he pursues his studies with a PhD thesis on novel material for the strengthening of concrete bridge decks and long term monitoring of structures.

Currently, Christophe is appointed as a Structural Engineer Consultant in Bridgology’s office – Stockholm. As Remote Working is one of the corporate culture strengths at Bridgogoly, he is able to keep a close cooperation with the Headquarter in Switzerland to solve clients’ problems not only in Sweden, but also from anywhere in the world.


  • Long-term monitoring of existing wind turbine towers and fatigue performance of UHPFRC under compressive stresses, EPFL TH8404 – 2017.
  • The use of long term monitoring data for the extension of the service duration of existing wind turbine support structures, Christophe Loraux, Eugen Brühwiler, Journal of Physics conference series 2016.
  • A realistic examination of the fatigue life of a wind turbine tower using data from long term monitoring Christophe Loraux, Eugen Brühwiler, IABSE 2015.


Philippe joined our team at the beginning of 2021 as senior engineer. His experience as a practicing engineer is a great advantage in analysing our data and allows us to further target our studies to your specific needs.

During his early career, Philippe performed visual inspections, structural verifications and strengthening of different kinds of structures and thereby developed a particular interest in existing structures. In order to further explore this challenging field, he accepted a fixed-term position as a scientific assistant in Prof. Brühwilers laboratory MCS (Maintenance, Construction and Safety of Structures) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. This allowed him to rediscover the potential of non-destructive technologies like GPR surveys and monitoring of structures as well as the benefits of modern materials like Ultra High Performance Cementitious Composites (UHPFRC) in structural rehabilitation.

He is convinced that modern NDT methods are much more than simple tools: by providing valuable insights into the structure and its condition they are key elements in the planning of the maintenance strategies of today’s ageing infrastructure.


  • A Review of the Use of UHPFRC in Bridge Rehabilitation and New Construction in Switzerland, Bertola N., Schiltz P., Denarié E. and Brühwiler E. (2021), Front. Built Environ. 7:769686. Link
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  • UHPFRC Map Switzerland. Link


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