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Advanced structure assessment

Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Advanced structure assessment

Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Since 2013, Bridgology aims to provide civil engineers and infrastructure owners with the best non-destructive data for the evaluation and maintenance of concrete and masonry structures. Our results are graphically summarised in self-explanatory maps, tailored to our clients’ needs. They are a much appreciated and powerful tool for the detailed planning of maintenance works. Discover what our deep-tech services look like!


The data analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar is the core business of Bridgology. Not only can we map the thickness of the layers composing your bridge deck, but we can also provide maps of the chemical contamination. In addition, our experts have extensive experience in analyzing a complex masonry structure.

Contamination and corrosion risk

Geometry maps

Mechanical disorder maps


Bridgology uses the most advanced and best-suited GPR technology for the assessment of concrete structures. Find out how it works, and how “3D LiDar” helps to visualize our results on the complex geometry.


Lidar 3D

Predictive maintenance & monitoring


As of 2021, Bridgology has investigated more than 100 concrete bridges and structures. Take a look at our most challenging projects!




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